We carry a range of eco-friendly products that are good for the environment!

We have an ONLINE STORE on Etsy and our website will carry a list of products that we will showcase from time to time. Our products are handmade by artisans and hence does not have the manufactured look every single time. Our products are ethically sourced and fair trade as we deal directly with our makers who are traditional craftsmen and we hope we help in some ways in keeping traditions alive as well as keeping all these artisans busy.

We also WHOLESALE all of our products.


We carry in stock jute bags and also customize jute bags for clients from overseas.  Our jute bags are made in Kolkatta, India.  We can supply small quantities or also undertake large orders with screen printing both here and overseas.

We carry jute as it is eco-friendly, sustainable, natural fibre.  It is a cash crop that grows quickly over a 3 month period.  Being a natural fibre every part of this plant is used as fabric, the wood is used as fuel for cooking, the leaves are even eaten as vegetable.  Plus an advantage is that it provides extra income for farmers who are able to use the land again for other crops.

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Our leather bags are vintage in style and classic in design. They are reminiscent of times gone by. Sewn by artisans in India they are all handmade, naturally tanned and oiled to create a variety of patinas when left to dry in the sun.


The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. Saint Augustine

Our charming handmade jute journals which encase handmade paper is a must for travellers. Jotting down memories or passing on your favorite recipes to family should be done in a book that will last forever. Our jute journals definitely fit that criteria. Embossed with semi-precious stones or celtic designs, the handmade quality is rustic and simple in style. Paper is recycled from scrap fabric left over from making cotton accessories.


Along with importing eco-friendly, green, sustainable products, we also are conscious of the fact that we have a lot of supplies right here at home that we can recycle and upcycle. We are conditioned to throw things out that could be reused. We upcycle coffee sacks, leather scraps, sails, fabric that normally would go into landfill, we create new products from them and give them a new lease of life for a few more years.